Dr. Tolga Kopan is a professional who has a wide knowledge in the field of dentistry and constantly follows professional developments. After his successful high school education at Antalya Çağlayan High School, he gained theoretical and practical experience by studying at Süleyman Demirel University Faculty of Dentistry. In this process, he strengthened his knowledge of dentistry with a patient-oriented approach and gained many clinical experiences after graduation.

Dr. Kopan participates in various trainings around the world in order to closely follow professional developments and provide the best service to its patients. His experience in the field of health tourism reflects not only his dental expertise, but also his understanding of prioritizing patient satisfaction and comfort. His clinic provides a safe and comfortable experience to patients from different countries, beyond providing effective dental treatment.

Thanks to his patient-oriented approach, Dr. Tolga Kopan adopts reliable and effective dental treatment experience. By constantly updating his knowledge about modern dentistry techniques and treatments, he becomes an important part of the clinical team. In this way, it strives to provide a quality health service to its patients and to ensure their satisfaction.

The fact that he has gained expertise and experience in different branches of dentistry such as oral surgery, gum diseases (Periodontology), prosthetic dental treatments (Prosthodontics) indicates his capacity to provide a comprehensive service to his patients in various dental treatments. His expertise in these various fields, Dr . It allows Kopan to adopt a multidisciplinary approach and provide a wide range of services to its patients.

Dr. who constantly updates his knowledge about modern dentistry techniques and treatments. Kopan is an important part of our clinical team.

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