Everyone deserves a beautiful smile!

Whoever has yellow teeth due to several reasons like, consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco products often causes irreparable damage to your teeth. Even though your teeth are brushed regularly it still leaves the yellow stains which can’t be prevented.

But having ideal white teeth is not difficult!

Within a few steps get your dreamy smile.

Office Whitening
In office whitening is the most effective one of all whitening systems. Since the bleaching process used in this process has a higher peroxide percentage, the bleaching speed is faster and the durability is longer. Before the teeth whitening process is applied; For more effective results, the treatment area will be cleaned by tartar before starting the whitening process.Before and after the session photos are taken from the patient and the color is determined. Since we do not want your gums to be damaged before the surgery, a protective barrier and whitening gel are applied to the teeth. Apply the whitening gel to the teeth 2 or 3 times for about 15 minutes. Patients should stay away from foods that affect the color of the teeth (coffee, tea) between sessions.

Home Whitening
In the home-type bleaching system, transparent plaques suitable for the patient are created by determining the color and measuring the patient before the treatment. At-home teeth whitening uses a bleach with a lower percentage of "carbamide peroxide". Patients use the drug as recommended by dentists, 2 times a day for 2 weeks or just before going to bed for 1-2 weeks.

Post Teeth Whitening Care
If you follow the suggestions of our specialists the whitening effect will last longer. Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste to remove daily stains Floss daily Quit or at least reduce smoking Reducing foods and drinks that can stain your teeth, such as coffee and tea.



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