What is smile Aesthetics?

An attractive, healthy and flawless white smile can say a lot about you! It shows that you are confident, comfortable with yourself, and welcoming to others. Statistics tell a lot about the importance of smiles, and studies show that over 45% of people judge others based on the appearance of their smiles, with over 75% of people unsure about smiling in a photo. 65% of individuals think that a beautiful smile increases professional success, and more than 65% of people think that an attractive smile is a definite romantic help. Whatever the reason for your dissatisfaction with your smile, there are many different ways to improve your smile using modern aesthetic dentistry. Smile makeup can be used to correct a number of cosmetic issues, such as gaps or gaps between teeth. Smile modifiers can also correct gum smiles, crooked or discolored teeth, as well as worn, chipped or cracked teeth.

Let’s shape your smile!
It can align crooked teeth, close gaps, reduce protrusion, whiten, reduce a wide smile, widen a narrow smile, change the length or shape of teeth, replace missing teeth, or any combination of the above. A smile aesthetic usually includes at least the first eight or ten teeth, and sometimes the bottom eight or ten. The most commonly used treatments in smile aesthetics are multiple porcelain veneers, as they are the most conservative restorations and are strong and highly aesthetic. However, depending on the situation, porcelain crowns, bridges, implants and even implant-supported prostheses can also be a part of smile aesthetics. Smile aesthetics can also include rapid orthodontics, which uses Inman aligners to pre-align the teeth prior to multiple porcelain veneers or to align minor crowdings in the lower teeth when only the upper teeth need to be veneered. If only the upper teeth are treated with veneers, the lower teeth are usually whitened. All smile aesthetics involve a design phase using computer-aided smile design. This is a process in which a photograph of the patient's teeth is redesigned using powerful graphics software. Patients can help them design their own perfect smile. The next step in smile design is to take measurements and the master ceramicist creates a 3D model from the smile design. These models are used to control every aspect of aesthetics and function. When the teeth are prepared for veneers or crowns, the temporary is placed using a template created from the 3D preview. This gives patients the opportunity to try out smile designs before anything is finalized. It's easy to make any changes to the final trims that are fitted at the next appointment.



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