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Dr. Bensu Asan has a wide knowledge in many fields such as Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry), Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Oral Pathology.Graduation thesis "Biomechanics of Fixed Prostheses on Implant", Dr. He has played an important role in determining Asan's areas of expertise and professional development. This thesis reflects his deep knowledge of understanding the biomechanical principles in implantology and fixed prosthesis applications.

 After starting his professional life, he had the opportunity to meet a wide range of patients by working in various dental clinics and gained a strong knowledge of implantology, aesthetic dentistry and other dental treatments in this process.

Dr. Asan provides services at international standards by participating in vocational trainings around the world. The fact that he has treated many patients from abroad has enabled him to qualify as an internationally recognized dentist.

Dr. Who adopts innovative treatment methods in order to give healthy smiles to his patients. Asan keeps its professional knowledge level up to date constantly by closely following the current developments in the field of dentistry. In this way, it meets their expectations by offering the latest technology and the most effective treatment methods to its patients.

Dr. Bensu Asan's friendly and understanding approach ensures that he is known as a reliable dentist among his patients. Dec. As an important part of the clinical team, he offers not only quality dental treatments to his patients, but also a safe environment.

It follows and applies innovative treatment methods in order to provide healthy smiles to its patients. In addition, by constantly following the current developments in the field of dentistry, he always keeps his professional knowledge up to date.

His friendly and Deceptive approach has been an important part of our clinical team for more than 3 years as a reliable dentist among his patients.

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