What is Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry is an expansive term for all technologies and devices utilizing software, hardware, or other computational components to examine, diagnose, and treat patients, more quickly and effectively than the mechanical or electrical options previously available. This rise in advanced digital technology has enhanced dental procedures’ efficiency and accuracy, bringing with it more consistent and predictable clinical outcomes. Digital imaging, tools, and software are all indicators of dentistry’s transformation into digital, offering a high level of sophistication to the practice and more comfortable treatments for the patient. As a result, practices are increasingly going digital and innovations in tools, materials, and services have grown alongside them, seamlessly supporting their transition.

The impact of digital innovation in dentistry is widespread; touching nearly every aspect of oral care from the moment a patient checks in, through diagnosis and treatment. The term ‘digital dentistry,’ however, most often refers to intraoral scanning, 3D printing, and milling technologies; an area of dentistry in which digital has rapidly become the industry standard, transforming a messy, complex, and, delicate aspect of dental care into a streamlined process with highly accurate results.



Dt. Tolga KOPAN
Dt. Tolga KOPAN
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